New building of apartment building in Leipzig-Schleußig

Total investors Funding target
€ 540,000 € 530,000
Holding period
This project has been successfully repaid.
7,0% Interest p.a.
18 Months ca. Term
  • Investment type Loan
  • Interest payments At maturity
  • Funding threshold € 200,000
  • Funding target € 530,000
Note in accordance with section 12 (2) of the German Investment Act (Vermögensanlagengesetz):
The acquisition of this financial instrument involves considerable risks and can lead to the complete loss of the capital employed.

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Investment Overview

Fixed interest rate of 7% per annum

Term of 18 months after funding end

No additional funding obligation for investors

No fees for the investor - neither agio premium nor ongoing management fees

Growing real estate market in Leipzig

Residential property with 5 flats and 6 parking spaces

New construction project in Leipzig-Schleußig

Assigned income claims *

* For the benefit of the investors subordinated security in the form of security assignment of withdrawal claims of shareholders means that the shareholders may only make limited withdrawals from the assets of the issuer prior to full repayment of the loan amount. An additional pool of assets, which could be used in case of failure of the issuer to provide additional recoverable assets, is not provided by this security assignment.


Type of investment Subordinated loan
Borrower C. S. A. Development GmbH |
c/o BD&E Rechtsanwälte, Neumannstraße 10, 40235 Düsseldorf
Loan size 530,000 Euro
Inteded use of loan Construction of a new apartment building
Charges to investors None
Minimum investment amount 500 Euro
Interest rate 7.00 % p.a
Duration 18 months
Repayment At maturity
Interest payment At maturity
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Property Construction of a new apartment building in Rochlitzstraße 55, 04229 Leipzig
Year of construction 2018/2019
Site area 290 m2
Planned Units 5 apartments and 6 car parking spaces
Planned total rental area 653 m2/
Currency Euro
Total investment volume 2,390,000 Euro
Borrowed capital (banks) 1,610,000 Euro
Equity 250,000 Euro
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  • International Developer

    Borrower of the project ROCHLITZSTRASSE LEIPZIG is the C.S.A. Development GmbH. Managing Director and sole shareholder of C.S.A. Development GmbH is Andrzej Stanislaw Chmielewski, who grew up in Israel and has been working as a project developer on the German and international real estate market since 2009 and has already realized several projects.

  • This is how Investors money in used

    With the subordinated loan, the issuer will co-finance the construction of an apartment building with 5 residential units and 6 parking spaces totaling 2,390,000 euros. Subsequently, the units are to be sold

  • Thorough information concerning this project can be found in the Investment-Exposé

  • Leipzig: Young, hip and dynamic

    Leipzig is currently the fastest growing city in Germany. The more than 800-year-old commercial, trade fair and university city has much to offer - from architecture in the Wilhelminian charm, through a lively cultural scene to idyllic green spaces and seascapes.

    Terms like "The better Berlin" or "Hypezig" have established themselves in the growing creative scene. Having one of Germany's oldest universities, Leipzig trains highly qualified specialists for the future. Major corporations such as Porsche and BMW, logistics centers from Deutsche Post and Amazon, and the airport are helping to make Leipzig one of the region's economic and job engines. Leipzig has become a magnet that primarily attracts young people from all over Germany. Prof. Harald Simons, a board member of the Empirica Institute, describes Leipzig as a city of swarms. Young people, he explains, like birds flock together and move together in the scene cities.

  • Demographic sensation: 25% growth until 2030

    With an annual population growth of more than 2 percent, Leipzig is currently one of the fastest growing cities in Germany. Leipzig's population has grown by almost 62,000 since the end of 2016 to 579,350. These resident profits are due to the positive migration balance and the growing birth surplus. This is actually a small demographic sensation. For the forecast period until the year 2030, a population growth of approx. 25 percent to approx. 722,000 inhabitants is forecasted. This implies, of course, a great need for living space.




  • Fixed interest rate of 7.00% p.a.
  • No fees for the investor - neither agio premium nor ongoing management fees
  • No additional funding obligation for investors
  • Good location in growing Leipzig real estate market
  • The cost of the new building can be higher due to unforeseen events.
  • It may be that the demand for housing sales declines and the prices in the market can no longer be achieved, which would reduce the project profit.
  • For the investor, there is a risk of total loss, as stated in the terms of iEstate investments.
  • It is also conceivable that, for example, an individual debt financing of the respective investment income or tax contributions to be made cause further payment obligations. This may lead to the insolvency of the investor
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  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E

For each project on iFunded the risk is determined using a standardized procedure. There are a total of seven criteria, by means of which the project risk will be assessed. Depending on the severity of the individual risk criteria, risk points will be awarded and added up at the end. Depending on the number of risk points, the real estate project is classified into one of five risk classes. The risk categories go from A to E, with A being low risk and E for higher risk.

In total ROCHLITZSTRASSE LEIPZIG earns 19 Risk Points and therefore achieves Risk Category C. This is how the criterias are build up:

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Risk criteria Specification Risk points
Debt ratio 67.4 % 3
Equity ratio 10.5 % 3
Macro location Leipzig 2
Micro location District in Leipzig-Schleußig 1
Development phase Construction of new building 4
Issuer experience Total investment volume <50 million € 4
Securities Personal guarantee 0
2nd rank loan 2
Profit transfer claims 0
Overall 19
*Note: iFunded does not perform any kind of investment advice and does not constitute any risk evaluation for a individual investor whether the investment suits a investors personal risk profile. Risk assessments must be carried out by the investor itself and is not replaced by iFunded's risk assessment. The risk evaluation is based on standardised criteria, which are evaluated during the the structuring of the investment. The actual performance of the investment in the future can be adverse. Even with a low risk profile there is a remaining risk of a total loss of the investment for any investor.


Borrower of the project ROCHLITZSTRASSE LEIPZIG is the C.S.A. Development GmbH. Managing Director and sole shareholder of C.S.A. Development GmbH is Mr. Andrzej Stanislaw Chmielewski, who has been working as a project developer in the German and international real estate market since 2009 and realized his projects.

Mr. Chmielewski, born 22.08.1953, lives in Israel and completed his time with the Israeli Air Force B.A. in civil engineering. Subsequently, he oversaw various construction projects with the Israel Defense Forces and thus gained his first practical experience in the real estate sector. In 2000, Mr. Chmielewski began his military career as Lieutenant Colonel and Africa Israel Investments GmbH - a group of companies active in the international real estate and construction business. In this case, the different leadership positions.

Since 2009, Mr. Chmielewski develops real estate projects in Israel, Eastern Europe and Germany as an independent entrepreneur. In the years 2012 to 2013, he worked successfully with a project company in the German real estate market before turning back to projects abroad. During this time (2012-2013), Mr. Chmielewski successfully developed a total of 5 residential and commercial buildings in Berlin with a total project volume of 9.53 million euros. Mr. Chmielewski is currently focusing his entrepreneurial activities in the German real estate market.


The subordinate loan is intended to co-finance the construction of a new apartment building with a total investment volume of around 2,390,000 Euros.


Costs including Tax

Purchase price € 660,000
Acquisition costs € 36,300
Construction costs € 1,342,000
Backup construction costs € 118,500
Cost of financing € 125,560
Distribution costs € 61,701
Overhead costs / other € 45,939
Total costs € 2,390,000
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